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Specialists In Aluminium Fittings & T-Joints For Doors & Windows

We are specialists in the manufacturing of fittings in extruded aluminium, with 36 years experience focusing on aluminium accessories. A wide range of fittings such as, open, european, locking, with a spring loaded locking system, joints and punch presses is available for all our customers needs.  


Our production is 100% in house, and we guarantee a fast and effective service. At  ESTOAL we are known for the precision and quality of our products.


We offer innovative solutions and our fundamental premise is open and active communication with all our clients.

Current and Precision Designs

We work with fully refurbished mold, we do not use discontinued ones.

Perfect Fit

Our fittings fit to the millimetre in any chamber, ensuring perfect assembly.

Personalised Technical Support

Our commercial and technical department offers immediate attention to each of our customers.


Discover all the advantages of our products

Our 100% Spanish production guarantees an immediate and efficient service. At ESTOAL we are known for the precision and quality of our fittings, we offer innovative solutions and we are committed to active and personalised communication with all our customers.

No Breakage or Deformation

Our great advantage, extruded aluminium.


Extensive Product Catalogue

More than 2000 references at your disposal.


No Oxidation, No Corrosion

Durability and resistance are more than guaranteed.


Strong and Assured Assembly

The thickness of our profiles is a guarantee.


High Quality Fasteners

Screws in bichromate quality 10.9 or stainless steel.



We adapt aluminium dimensions and pivots to any size required.


No Manufacturing Restrictions

We can easily adapt to any quantity.


Delivery Times

Efficient time management is a priority in all our production lines.



Our History

Estoal was founded in 1986 by Clemente Fructuoso Pérez who started working at a young age in a locksmith’s shop, he had the opportunity to live through the evolution and stages of the world of windows and doors over the years, which gave him a great experience in the sector.

Clemente Fructuoso

CEO Estoal S.L.


Estoal, Environmentally Friendly

Estoal, Environmentally Friendly

Our commitment to the preservation and care of the environment makes us work to reduce our carbon footprint, therefore we carry out a series of actions that reduce the indicators of energy used in our production process.

We have various methods to classify, to quantify and separate all the waste that we generate in our facilities, with the close collaboration of our suppliers, who proceed with the removal of the waste and its immediate recycling.

Recycling aluminium has multiple economic and ecological benefits: it is a 100% recyclable raw material, it contributes to the generation of jobs, its recycling saves 95% of energy consumption, atmospheric pollutants and water consumption, as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions by producing recycled metal and avoiding the process from its virgin state.

At ESTOAL we avoid using materials that are difficult to recycle. All ESTOAL products, 100% extruded aluminium, are a guarantee of strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

With a long life which is distinguished by the high quality of our products.


Mission and Vision

We have extensive experience in the production of extruded aluminium accessories, our main activity is the manufacture of brackets and joints for aluminium doors and windows.

With 100% Spanish production, at ESTOAL we manufacture all our fittings in Spain, guaranteeing a personalised, efficient and immediate service.

A wide range of products, designed to cover the growing range of needs in our sector.

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